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topgrafia cartografia

Our company is highly specialized in providing technical assistance at various stages of design and construction of any work, the provision of photogrammetric aerial survey maps for the preliminary and final design for surveying for the final design and construction, from assistance topographic in the pipeline at various stages of construction to the findings for land subdivision, pilings, effectively expropriated.

Knowing the purpose of relief is of primary importance in order to create a product that meets the best needs of the customer.

 Polygons and trilateration to calculate the coordinates of known landmarks and / or newly established
   Plano-altimetric surveys with GPS technology and / or Total Station
 Support site for the construction of topographic
of road works, hydraulic, civil
 Surveys of rivers    Bathymetric Surveys
 Photogrammetric surveys land    Surveys of architectural detail
 Geodetic Control Precision    Monitoring
 Level of precision    Mapping of underground services
 Detect technology networks    Transcriptions of quarries, dumps and pits
 Photogrammetry urban and architectural    Aerial surveys
 Building digital maps and digital    Orthophotos and digital photo-plans
 The planning and design of spatial databases    Census of property and real estate
 Designing thematic registers    Design of monitoring systems
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