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   Contact proposes as single contact point in the solution of problems in the safety in the workplace.

List major categories of activities ATECO for which entitlement has to conduct the activities of service responsible for the prevention and protection and consultancy service to the prevention and protection

 ATECO 1: Agriculture
 ATECO 2: fisheries
 ATECO 3: extractions minerals; other mining; manufacturing
 ATECO 4:Food Industries etc.; TEXTILES; clothing; goods; leather; wood; credit; books; press; Non-metallic minerals; production and processing of metals; manufacture machines and mechanical appliances; manufacture MACHINERY AND ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC; motor vehicles; furniture; production and distribution of electricity; gas; water; waste disposal
 ATECO 5 : wholesale and retail trade; craft activities not equivalent to the previous (vehicle repair vehicles, laundries, hairdressers, bakers, pastry producers, etc.); transport, storage, communications
 ATECO 6 : health, social services
 ATECO 7: public administration, education
 ATECO 8 : Hotels, Restaurants; insurance; real estate; recreational, cultural, sporting
activities; household services; extra-territorial organizations.


 Safety audits for the verification of compliance with applicable regulations of the places of work and equipment in all sectors ATECO.
 Editor of plans of operational security (P.O.S.) within the meaning of the T. U. Safety D. Lgs. 81/2008.
 Drafting of the document for the evaluation of risks, with planning of interventions by make.
 Identification, analysis and assessment of risks to the safety and health of workers.
 Organisation and Management of company service of prevention and protection and identification of the tasks and definition of responsibilities.
 Training, information and coordination of workers.
 Editor of safety plans and coordination (P. S. C.) within the meaning of the T. U. Safety D. Lgs. 81/2008

Redazione di Piani Operativi di Sicurezza ai sensi del del T.U. Sicurezza D.Lgs. 81/2008.

 Management of the needs of safety in the yard.
 Pimus Editor of "assembling plans use and dismantling scaffolding.
 Calculation report and verification of scaffolding and other works by provisional shipyard.
 Appointment as a coordinator in the design phase (C. P.) and in phase of implementation (C. E.).

Training, information and coordination of craftsmen.

 Analysis and assessment of security on mechanical, electrical, tyres, machine tools, pressure vessels, lifting and transport.
 Assistance for the compliance of new equipment and used according to the requirements of the Machinery Directive and of the legislation previously.

Design and installation of the adjustments to the respect of safe working practices of the machines and plants.

 Inspection, maintenance and verification of work equipment.
 Risk assessment fire.
 Editor of the plan for evacuation and emergency FOR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS.
 Preparation and management practices for the issue of fire prevention certificate.
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