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The SER.IN.T. understands the safety and health at work as an ongoing commitment and priority of the entire organization, regular part of its mission. Its results are considered part of management and are subject to periodic checks by the Directorate-General of the group.

The commitment is therefore directed towards the improvement continued safety and health by setting achievable and measurable goals to be pursued in accordance with the Plan of Implementation.

To do

 RESPONSIBILITY IN SAFETY MANAGEMENT the entire business organization, the employer up to each individual worker, according to their functions and responsibilities;
 within the organization are identified positions that are responsible for the implementation of corporate GUIDELINES SAFETY and health at work and the task of verifying the effectiveness and monitor compliance;
 are provided with HUMAN RESOURCES AND EQUIPMENT NEEDED: in particular all staff is provided with the protective equipment that must be used and is prepared to respond effectively in case of emergencies;
 are adopted specific PERFORMANCE IDICATORS for the evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions;
 Every employee is constantly trained, educated, informed and aware;
 THE WORKERS ARE INVOLVED, so that through a constructive dialogue, to assume their responsibilities for compliance with safety standards;
 LEGAL REQUIREMENTS are always respected, and in their absence, are applied on its own initiative, approved all the measures necessary for prevention;
 is consistently maintained an OPEN DIALOGUE not only within but also with customers, suppliers.
 ANY ACCIDENT OR DANGEROUS EVENT IS ANALYZED, the data collected are used for a proper review of risk assessment in order to prevent recurrence;
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